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Beautiful Farmhouse Remodel

Farmhouse Exterior Remodel

When we were contacted about this farmhouse exterior remodel, the homeowner had several concerns that she wanted to address. She wanted to achieve a modern farmhouse look for her newly purchased 1930s farmhouse. Her goal was to make the most efficient change that would elevate the look and function of her home. She wanted to raise the overall value of her investment, save money every month, and revamp the look of her historic new home. With her goals in mind, we got to work creating a plan she would be excited about!

Home Improvement & Energy Savings!

After spending some time consulting with the homeowner, she expressed some of the issues she was experiencing that went beyond aesthetics. Her primary issue was she was spending over $1,000 a month on her energy bill!

During our initial consultation, we found some issues with the existing windows, and we came up with a plan that would address all of her concerns. We replaced her old windows with new Vistamark energy star-certified windows, which has made a huge difference in her monthly energy costs! All the wood trim was rotten. The new black wood trim really made the windows pop! Not only is she saving money every month, but we also gave her the modern farmhouse look she wanted.

“I recently bought a house that I planned on renovating. With that renovation, I needed all of my windows replaced, due to rot and inefficiency. I contacted Total Pro for an estimate. I had all 28 windows replaced. They came out and gave me a quote, we talked about several options, and worked with me for what was best for my home and budget. They kept in communication with me, and once the materials made it in, they finished the project in a timely manner. They were clean and efficient, and my home couldn’t look more beautiful. I feel the difference in my electrical bill and temperature in my home, and it will help with my propane use during the winter. My house wan’t cut and dry, it’s a home built in the 30s. They were upfront with the unknowns due to structural issues and masonry from the existing home that we may face, and we didn’t even have to cross those bridges, because of the extra care they took in the process of replacing the windows. I never saw glass or debris. The installers were professional, and so were the office staff and production manager throughout the entire process. Not only does the outside look beautiful, but so does the inside. And my home is way more efficient.” - Lindy S.

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