Total Pro's Window Maintenance Plan

Not Ready to Replace your windows? Extend the life of your existing windows with our maintenance program!

At Total Pro, we know that your windows are an essential part of your home, providing light and insulation. Over time they can become damaged or wear down, resulting in a range of issues such as drafts, foggy glass, difficulty opening or closing, and more. While some window problems may require replacement, not every issue warrants this solution. In many cases, repairing and maintaining your existing windows can be a more cost-effective and sustainable option.

Maintenance PLUS + Bi-Annual Window Graphic

What's included in the maintenance plan?

The Total Pro Maintenance PLUS+ plan is a comprehensive solution for your window maintenance needs! Why?

 We’ve got you covered!

We start with a thorough interior and exterior inspection of all windows to identify any problems and present you with budget-friendly repair options! You ultimately decide the scope of work which will be discounted by 15%!

We can help with a variety of maintenance-related issues including, but not limited to, replacing glass, fixing screens, sealing the interior and exterior, sill repairs, balance repairs, changing and repairing locks, sashes, and more!

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